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November 26, 2008

Upcoming ISO events: Same-Sex Marriage is a Civil Right!

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Below are a list of some of the upcoming events we’ll be participating in during the next couple weeks. Thanks to all of you who came to the Northeast Socialist Conference and thanks to everyone who has been with us at the protests against Proposition 8 (the anti-gay marriage ballot measure in California). We’ll also be joining protests against the proposed NY state budget cuts in the next couple weeks. Write us here for more informaton:

Washington Heights/City College/Barnard-Columbia
Week of November 23, 2008

I. Upcoming Meetings & Events

1) A Study Group on “The Democrats: A Critical History” A book by Lance Self
Join us as we discuss chapters 4 & 5 of this great book on the historical and current role of the democratic party as one of the two parties that serve the interests of big business and the US empire. You don’t have to have read the book in order to attend.

7PM Thursday, December 4th, 2008
City College of New York
North Academic Center (NAC) Room 1/211
138 St. and Convent
(1 train to 137 St. or A/B/C/D to 145 St.)

2) Why Same-Sex Marriage Is a Civil Right & How We Can Win It
On November 15, 2008, the national spotlight settled on a newly invigorated civil rights movement. In New York and over 300 cities across the country, gay and straight alike took to the streets in the tens of thousands in a national day of action to oppose the passage of Proposition 8, a California ballot measure eliminating the legal right of same-sex couples to marry.

Coming on the heels of Barack Obama’s election as the first Black U.S. president and the ousting of George Bush, there’s been an overriding sense — both on the streets after the election and on recent demonstrations — that history is on our side and anything is possible. And growing numbers feel increasingly confident in calling for marriage equality now.

Despite the election confirming a general shift in the country to the left, ballot measures on November 4 banned same-sex marriage in three more states as well as lesbian and gay adoption in another.

Come discuss why civil rights for lesbians and gays are under attack now, and what we can do to broaden the movement and win this important struggle.

7PM Thursday, December 11, 2008
City College of New York
North Academic Center (NAC) Room 1/211
138 St. and Convent
(1 train to 137 St. or A/B/C/D to 145 St.)
3) Papersales/Tablings This Week!
Join us as we distribute Socialist Worker and collect petition signatures against Proposition 8 and for Same-Sex Marriage in NY State!

5:45PM Wednesday, November 26, 2008
City College of New York
North Academic Center (NAC) Rotunda, 2nd Floor
138 St. and Convent
(1 train to 137 St. or A/B/C/D to 145 St.)

4) A Day Without A Gay!
A call for a nationwide strike and economic boycott by all members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community AND STRAIGHT ALLIES on December 10th, 2008, International Human Rights Day.

-Because LGBT workers, business owners, consumers and taxpayers contribute over $700 billion to the American economy and we deserve the
same rights as all other Americans.
-Because marriage is a basic human right for ALL Americans, regardless of gender, race OR religion. (See the US Supreme Court Case LOVING v VIRGINIA).

-Strike! Call in gay, shut down your business, or just take the day off.
-Boycott! Don’t buy anything, spend money or support the economy.
-Participate! Give back, fight back, build bridges to help raise awareness about marriage equality.
For a list of things to do in your area, go to

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    II. Selected Socialist Worker articles from the past week!

    Sherry Wolf makes the case that leftists ought to stand unapologetically with the struggle for marriage equality.

    Tens of thousands protest the Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban in San Francisco (Brian Cruz | SW)

    Barack Obama’s election isn’t the end of the process, but the start of the possibility of bringing about real change.

    Supporters of Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Leesburg, Va. (Emmanuel Dunand | AFP)


    Paul D’Amato discusses what exactly the wealthy does to “earn” the vast fortunes that they possess.

    Lee Sustar talks to labor activists about what it will take to win the Employee Free Choice Act, which would provide workers with an opportunity to unionize their workplace.

    Union members rally on the steps of the Capitol in support of the Employee Free Choice Act (Larry Downing | Reuters)

    III. Selected International Socialist Review Article From New Issue “Crisis of Capitalism”

    >Capitalism’s Worst Crisis Since the 1930s

    Joel Geier explains the cause of the current economic crisis and why such crises are systemic to capitalism.


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