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December 3, 2008

Saturday: Citywide Teach-In for Single-Payer National Healthcare

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The Barnard-Columbia ISO has been working with a local coalition of health care advocates, Private Health Insurance Must Go! on a national campaign for truly free health care for everyone. Given the devastating effects of increased unemployment right now and the overwhelming amount of medical bill debt that many people currently hold, this campaign has never been so urgent.


CITYWIDE TEACH-IN for Single-Payer National Healthcare (H.R.676)

Expanded and Improved Medicare for All!


Join a NYC-wide TEACH-IN on high profile strategies to build a united front of sustained political action that creates a national single-payer healthcare system in the U.S.

· Place: 25 West 43rd Street, 18th floor
· Time: 11 am to 3 pm

Sponsored by PHIMG and supported by AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP); American Medical Student Association (Region 2); Astorians for Peace and Justice; Brecht Forum; Children Rise Foundation, New York City Region; Coalition Against Privatization; Code Pink; Community Empowerment Network, Inc; Democracy for New York City (DFNYC); For a Better Bronx; Granny Peace Brigade; Gray Panthers, NYC Network; Green Party, Manhattan Local; Green Party of New York State; Healthcare-NOW!; Healthcare Work Group of the Coalition for Democracy of Central New York; Housing Works, NYC Chapter; Hunger Action Network; International Action Center; International Socialist Organization; Latinos for National Health Insurance; Long Island Coalition for a National Healthcare Plan; Malcom X Grassroots Movement; Million Worker March Movement; National Conference of Black Lawyers, NYC Chapter; NYC Democratic Socialists of America; NYC Katrina Solidarity Committee; NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW); NY Solidarity Coalition with Katrina/Rita Survivors; Operation Power; Physicians for a National Health Program – NY Metro Chapter; Progressive Democrats of America; Progressive Democrats New York City Congressional District 14; Raging Grannies; Retiree Advocate Caucus, UFT; Socialist Action; Socialist Party – USA (NYC); United for Peace and Justice.

For more info visit the Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition at


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