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December 19, 2008

New School Occupation Update

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Of course,  the best place to go for updates is still:

But we’ll keep posting supplementary notices here from time to time if possible.

Here is an update from one of our ISO members, from around midnight (Thursday night/Friday morning):

Just one building is occupied.  There was a brief, small sit-in at another building. Since then security and NYPD had all the buildings locked down.  Including the occupied building. At one point though, a door opened and the occupation grew  from 30-40 to 100,  along with another 100 people or so outside still.

Folks outside marched and took over 5th ave at some point, and also had an impromptu speakout.

Bob Kerrey himself made an appearance and was greeted by 100 students inside, and 100 outside chanting loudly “Kerrey, resign! Kerrey, resign!”

It seems that the administration is on the defensive and trying to negotiate rather than going in for arrests (although there have been some arrests); there’s some talk of some concessions  they’re willing to make re: student space, etc.. Though apparently they did just cut off the students’ access to bathrooms!


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