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December 31, 2008

NYC Protest Against Israel’s Attack on Gaza, Saturday 1/3/09

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The past few days of worldwide demonstrations have been an incredible reminder of how many thousands – rather, millions – reject the barbarity of Israel‘s occupation of Palestinian land and lives. The Barnard-Columbia ISO will be out again on Saturday in NYC for an important protest, and we’ll be hosting a meeting at La Pregunta Café next week, to talk about further steps for organizing support for Palestinian self-determination. All the details and more articles are below.

Recent articles and useful information for activists:

Eric Ruder’s analysis in Socialist Worker provides some much-needed context to the unfolding massacre, including an eyewitness account of the destruction, background on Hamas, Fatah, US support for Israel and the myth of Israeli “self-defense.”

Sara Roy’s article “If Gaza Falls” in the London Review of Books gives a mind-boggling account of how the recent attack has only exacerbated Israel’s long-standing attempts to cut off electricity, food aid, money and critical supplies to Gaza. It is an essential ‘fact sheet’ for all human rights and anti-Zionist activists.

Similarly, Seumas Milne, in the Guardian UK, explains why those politicians and pundits who claim that Hamas is the ‘aggressor’ have turned reality on it’s head.

The Guardian UK also gives a history of Israel’s nearly-ongoing military attacks on Gaza since 2006, when Hamas became the democratically elected majority in the Gazan parliament.

And last, but not least, today on Counterpunch, Tariq Ali argued why the Palestinian nationalist movement should raise…

…the demand that the country [Israel, the West Bank, Gaza] and its resources be divided equitably, in proportion to two populations that are equal in size—not 80 per cent to one and 20 per cent to the other, a dispossession of such iniquity that no self-respecting people will ever submit to it in the long run. The only acceptable alternative is a single state for Jews and Palestinians alike, in which the exactions of Zionism are repaired.

Protest Information for Saturday:

Stop Massacres in Gaza & Break the Siege!

Protest against the Israeli genocide against Palestinians!
U.S. support to Israel!

More than 350 Palestinians were murdered in 2 days. 1,600 wounded! After the huge demo on last Sunday, where more than 4,000 people showed support, and the other demos during this week, let’s keep the street shaking! Act now before it’s too late!

January 3rd. – 1 pm
Times Square, 42nd and 7th ave.
Followed by a march to the Israeli mission.

Trains: N,Q,R,S,W,1,2,3,7 to
Times Square

We must act now, before the massacres continue! Over 360 people were killed in Gaza since Saturday, December 27 in a series of Israeli attacks – with US-made and paid for weaponry – upon the Palestinian people. These cold-blooded killings come on top of a siege on Gaza that has killed hundreds by depriving them of medical care, deprivedGazans of electricity, power and fuel and attempted to strangle the life of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The people of Gaza are standing steadfast in the face of these massacres but our voices must be heard to demand an immediate end to the massacres and an end to US aid to Israel! The Israeli military is promising more massacres – we must say no NOW!

Join ISO discussions around the city next week:


Gaza is under attack by one of the most deadly military machines on the planet — the Israeli military. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, which means despite Israel‘s claims about “precision strikes” against Hamas, civilians will always be in the line of fire. Further, the first attacks last Saturday came just as schoolchildren were returning home from school. According to an eyewitness, Dr. Haider Eid: “The timing was chosen to cause a massacre. The part of this that I’m still trying to cope with are the bodies of the children…The morgue at the hospital is the largest in Gaza City, but it ran out of space to keep the bodies.” To make matters worse, an ongoing embargo and siege of Gaza has left residents particularly ill-equipped to deal with the physical, medical, humanitarian and psychological consequences of this new offensive.

Come to a meeting to discuss what we can do here to join an international movement to STOP THE ASSAULT ON GAZA and to FREE PALESTINE!

Park Slope United Methodist Church
410 6th Ave. (corner of 6th Ave and 8th St)

The Diversity Center of Queens
76-11 37th Avenue, 2nd Floor
between 76th and 77th Streets

La Pregunta Cafe
1528 Amsterdam Ave (at 136 St.)

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