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January 19, 2009

TODAY: Vigil & March for Gaza in New York City, Union Square

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Despite the ceasefire over Gaza, Israeli troops remain at the time of this writing. According to the NY Times today, the assault killed at least 1300 Palestinians, (many are still buried in rubble) and 13 Israelis, (mostly IDF soldiers and 3 from friendly fire). Numbers like that only make it so much clearer that this has never been a “two-sided” war, or a “defensive” war for Israel – but an attempt to destroy the Palestinian population. Untold levels of destruction and the ongoing restriction of important supplies coming into Gaza will only mean more deaths in the coming weeks from injuries, malnutrition and new illnesses – and Israel could still launch another attack.

On Saturday, the new Student Committee of the Break the Siege on Gaza Coalition (BSG NY) met and we are planning to participate in todays’s demonstration at Union Square. Find our banner, which will say “Fund Schools, Don’t Bomb Them!” and join us. Please wear black, and a keffiyeh if you can. Close to a dozen colleges and high schools were represented at the meeting saturday and we’re all planning events on our campuses for the next week or two as classes go back into session.
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Protest Information:

Vigil & March for Justice in Gaza

Monday, January 19, 4pm

Hosted by Break the Siege on Gaza – NY
4:00 PM at 14th Street — Union Square
New York City joins National Days of Action in honor of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in this open for all action led by women and children.  Peaceful rally followed by a march to Washington Square Park.


Break the Siege on Gaza’s next town hall meeting is on Friday, January 23rd at MAS Youth Center, 1933 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn at 7:00 PM. This is where the Student Committee will be making our next plans as well.


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