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February 19, 2009

NYU administration REFUSING to negotiate with students: 5pm press conference, Rally later tonight!

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Take Back NYU! – a student coalition, has been occupying the 3rd floor dining hall in Kimmel for almost 20 hours now, hours demanding budget disclosure, endowment disclosure, and student representation on the Board of Trustees.

For updates and the list of demands remember to go to:
Please sign this petition to show your support for the students inside:

1) There will be a press conference at 5pm in front of Kimmel, located at 60 Washington Square South. The students will be speaking from the balcony of the occupied building.

2) Disgracefully, the administration is REFUSING to negotiate with the students – and instead, has given them a 1am deadline for evacuating the cafeteria – or face arrest. Of course, the police could go in sooner – so the number of people we have outside will make a huge difference. It looks like today and tonight are going to be key so we would encourage as many people as possible to head down there, both now and later tonight! For people coming to our “Marx is Back!” meeting at Columbia, we can take the train together after the meeting.

3) Earlier today 15-20 new students were able to get past security and join the occupation! for videos from inside, please check out this: Streaming video from the inside

Below is the most recent press release from the students inside:


CONTACT: Farah Khimji,, 214-277-3879
Emily Stainkamp,, 336-207-8318


NYU’s administration refuses any face-to-face contact with student occupation, drawing out Take Back NYU!’s occupation, currently making national news.  Members of occupation call press conference to demands student participation in negotiations and university decisions.

Occupied Kimmel Center on Washington Square Park, New York City (2/19/09) –

Students participating in Take Back NYU!’s occupation of NYU’s Kimmel center called for NYU’s Administration to finally offer acceptable conditions for face-to-face negotiations with the occupation.  NYU refuses to look students in the eye about its policies towards the occupation and its demands.

Throughout the occupation Take Back NYU! made it clear that good-faith negotiations are a condition to the occupation’s end.  NYU has only made one empty offer of faux negotiations after the end of the occupation.

Members of Take Back NYU! called a press conference for 5pm ET outside the Kimmel Center to demand NYU enter negotiations.  The policy of stonewalling students continues NYU’s legacy of inaction and obstinacy regarding student democracy and human rights at NYU – the occupation offers the administration a chance to improve its public image and stance on these key issues. .

During the press conference, students will propose expansion of pressure on the university to encourage the administration to come to the table over Take Back NYU! demands regarding student democracy and human rights at NYU.

The occupation, which began at 10pm on Feb. 18th with the seizure of the 3rd floor of the Kimmel Center has made news across the country and received declarations of support from universities across the world.  NYU’s Administration refuses to allow the students of the occupation a place at negotiations, instead relying on threats and intransigence to try to end Take Back NYU!’s campaign.


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