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February 20, 2009

NYU students suspended for occupation – email & call the administration now!

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See Socialist Worker coverage of the NYU occupation HERE.
See video footage of last night’s amazing solidarity rally HERE.
See photos from the past two nights HERE.

The occupation has ended – due to the disgusting NYU administration, who sent in security guards today to remove all of students occupying the Kimmel Center cafeteria. The administration never negotiatied with the students and when they said they would do so, they simply detained and suspended the four student negotiators who came out in good faith. (See below). Students were driven to their dorms and told to remove their belongings and were removed from their campus housing immediately and placed in ‘temporary’ housing. The students who were removed today are all facing suspension! Mass support is necessary to demand that these students be granted amnesty.  Please get as many people to email NYU as possible and show that we will stand together with the students and not be turned back.

Email & Call NYU Administrators. Sample Email after the break, click ‘MORE’ to see it. Demand amnesty and no suspensions:

NYU President John Sexton: & CALL 212-998-2345
John Beckman, NYU Spokesperson:
Office of the Provost:
Office of the Vice President:

Today New York University has shown its true face more than ever. Claiming to be a “private university in the public service,” it is clearly not even in the service of those students whose tuitions allow it to exist.

Earlier today, NYU cut power to all outlets in the occupied space and turned off the wireless internet.  Obviously this was an attempt to silence and intimidate the occupiers who have broad-based support.

Then, NYU said it would negotiate and instead detained and suspended the student negotiators when they showed up.  Security has now broken through the barricade and people are being detained and suspended.

Instead of dialog and negotiation, the NYU administration has shown they prefer the authoritarian, dissent-quashing, dictator route. It is a true reflection of how they run their university. Nothing but thugs with suits on, interested in getting rich under the guise of “education.”

Be prepared to defend any individual or group that is targeted academically or legally for their role in the occupation. Widespread support for the occupation and its demands will not be extinguished by NYU’s hypocritical, tyrannical behavior.

Here is an email from someone in the bay area that we think is a pretty good model! Please CC elected officials, local chapters of the National Lawyer’s Guild, etc, to make the administration feel even more nervous.

Date: February 20, 2009 1:40:02 PM PST

Subject: shame on you
Dear President Sexton and NYU Administrators,
I have just received news that you are suspending students who took part in a peaceful sit-in. Don’t we have due process in the United States? You are acting as the police, prosecution, judge and jury. I encourage you to immediately change course. At a minimum, the students should be re-instated, moved back into their dorms and given their rights to due process through the appropriate university disciplinary hearings. Otherwise, your administration will lose all credibility, you will become the laughing stock of the academic world, and the students will win their rights anyway after a long struggle that brings shame and disrepute to your leadership.



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