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March 6, 2009

Marxist Reading Group at Barnard & Columbia

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Join the Marxist Reading Group at Barnard & Columbia! 

Are you interesting in…learning what Marxism is all about?
In reading Marx and other writers in the socialist tradition?
In looking for ways to apply radical ideas to activism?
We’re kicking off a new, informal campus reading group and you’re invited to join in.

To start, we’ll be discussing one of history’s most important political manuscripts, The Communist Manifesto, by Marx and Engels. Within the context of the worst economic crisis in the US since the Great Depression, their critique of capitalism is of great relevance and importance in understanding the inherent problems of the current economic system. Furthermore, their identification of the working class as a revolutionary group capable of transforming society provides an answer to which social forces can transform society to a classless one that prioritizes human need, not corporate greed.

For our first meeting, we’ll be reading Part I of The Communist Manifesto, “Bourgeois and Proletarians.” You can view it online or print it out from:

Sunday, March 8 @ 1:30pm
Teacher’s College Library, 2nd Floor

(We will meet up at the main Teacher’s College entrance, Zankel, which is at 525 W 120th St, in the middle of the block between Broadway and Amsterdam. Click here to view a map. )

Hosted by the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization
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