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March 28, 2009

This weekend: Student Divestment Panel and CAN Northeast Conference

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This weekend at Hunter College, the Campus Anti-War Network is having its Northeast Conference. It’s a key national network of student anti-war groups on campus across the country challenging the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. On sunday there will be a panel about divestment campaigns like the one students have launched here at Columbia. Please come!


Student Divestment Strategy Day featuring:

Abe Greenhouse, Adalah-NY
Matan Cohen,
Students for Justice in Palestine, Hampshire College
Maria Lewis,
Take Back NYU, New York University
Safia Albaiti,
Campus Antiwar Network, UMass-Amherst
Matt Swagler,
Columbia Palestine Forum, Columbia University

Since the Israeli invasion of Gaza in December 2008, the divestment movement has gained much needed momentum. Thousands of people in the United States are joining an international movement calling for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions.

Hampshire College became the first university to completely divest from the Israeli occupation. Now academic Zionists are trying to lead a backlash against the Hampshire administration. The University of Rochester, taking inspiration from the student occupation movement in the UK, occupied a campus building, successfully winning demands that have launched a divestment campaign on campus. Students at NYU occupied the student center demanding full budget disclosure and academic aid to Gazans. And in the past few weeks, students at UMass-Amherst and Columbia University have launched divestment campaigns. We expect dozens of campuses to follow suit.

How can we spread the divestment movement on campuses? Which companies should we target? What should our demands be? What tactics are most effective for achieving our demands?

The Campus Antiwar Network would like to call on all student and community organizations currently or interested in working to divest from the Israeli occupation and war profiteers to come together Sunday, March 29th, NOON at Hunter College. As the student movement grows, opposing all U.S. and Israeli led wars in the Middle East, it becomes more and more urgent to form a coordinated national strategy.

We aim to win justice for all people in the Middle East.

All are welcome.

Please e-mail leia.petty@gmail if your student or community organization is interested in participating or endorsing this day.

This day is part of the Campus Antiwar Network East Coast Conference. Please see below for more details.


. Afghanistan. Palestine.
Organizing a Student Movement
to End These Wars

Campus Antiwar Network’s
Spring 2009 East Coast Conference
March 27-29, 2009
Hunter College, NYC

We are at the cusp of a new and vibrant student antiwar movement.

Campus occupations are demanding real educational democracy and transparency, as well as protesting our schools’ complicity with war and aggression, with excitingly confident student actions. The international divestment movement against Israel’s apartheid conditions enforced in Palestine is reaching academic institutions’ gates and bursting through. Opposition to military recruiters at our schools is being connected to the tuition hikes and budget cuts that students face, highlighting the youth-in-poverty draft as more of a serious concern than ever for our generation inheriting a drastic economic crisis.

At the same time, a new tidal wave of optimism around the country has roared students into 2009 with the conviction that the election of President Barack Obama would mean that the U.S would end its war in Iraq, stop rounding up and torturing Arabs and Muslims, and use the billions of dollars wasted on the military’s adventures for the social necessities of which our youth has been deprived for 8 very long years. The student antiwar movement is no longer on the defensive. People everywhere clamor for significant change.

This new era of potential for the student antiwar movement, however, will not manifest itself. Despite media truth-spinning, the U.S. is staying in Iraq indefinitely. The troop presence is doubling in Afghanistan, and violence is spilling into Pakistan. Gaza lies in ruins from Israeli bombs and tanks that are funded and fully supported by the U.S. Our veterans are coming home to suffer untreated PTSD, or worse, suicide.

This means that for our side, protest, education, critical discussion, skills sharing, and coalition-building still matter. In fact, these are more crucial than ever. Campus Antiwar Network’s Spring 2009 East Coast Conference will be the place to ensure that our ambitions to build mass student antiwar struggle can start right now. Join students and veterans from dozens of campuses at Hunter College, March 27-29, where we will share experiences, strategies, tactics, and hopes for a world without wars.


Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal, will be the conference’s Saturday opening plenary speaker.

The Saturday evening plenary, entitled Eyewitness to an Occupation, will feature speakers describing their accounts of life inside the horrors of war.

The Sunday plenary on the developing Divestment and Campus Occupation movement will feature student activists from Hampshire College, University of Rochester, New York University, UMass Amherst and Columbia University.

Workshop titles and more details to be announced!!


Registration: $10 for NYC residents, $5 for non-NYC residents, $5 suggested donation for Hunter College students (no one will be turned away for lack of funds). To register, contact Layney at

Free housing can be arranged. To sign up, contact Artie at

Transportation: Many chapters are arranging transportation for their members. If you need a ride or have a ride to offer, contact Jess at

Workshops: Confirm a workshop your CAN chapter would like to host with Micah at

General Info: please contact the Hunter chapter of CAN at (please state “CONFERENCE” in the email’s subject)


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