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April 30, 2009

Saturday 5/2: Rally at Columbia + Meeting on Student Struggles and Socialism

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This Saturday, the International Socialist Organization is having a meeting on “Student Struggle and the Fight for Socialism” – bringing together student from across the city who are thinking about their activism not simply as individual movements – for Palestine, for LGBT Rights, against Budget Cuts, to stop Columbia’s gentrification –  but also as a fight for a different kind of world entirely. Conor Tomás  Reed from City College will be speaking about some of the history that student activism has played in socialist and radical movements of the past, was well as its potential today. It’s Saturday at 4pm at NYU – please come down and meet socialist students from around the city! (Info below)

Also, before the meeting, we’re going to be participating in a rally on Columbia’s campus against the university’s plan to expand and thereby evict residents and business owners from a large part of the area north of campus. All the info is also below –

see you there!

Saturday, May 2, 12-3pm
At the sundial, center of Columbia’s campus * Join the Coalition to Preserve Community and the Student Coalition on Expansion and Gentrification as we demonstrate to show Columbia
University our opposition to their flagrant disregard of justice for the Manhattanville community. Info: ——————

Saturday, May 2, 4-6pm:


Students have faced immense difficulties over the past decade. Tuition is up, books are more expensive, jobs are scarcer, loan sharks are fiercer, and military recruiters are more desperate.
In response, student activism has been heating up across the country over the past few months. Protests, speak-outs, and victorious occupations have established a base of radical students that an build a truly mass movement, taking as inspiration the movements of the 1960s in the US, but also the recent student rebellions in Chile, France, Greece…

But students are also realizing that the fight is much bigger than expected. How much power do we have to change our campuses? And if we change our campuses, will that be enough?
Come to a meeting to discuss the history of student movements, how we can build effective student movements today, and how that fits into the fight for a completely different society, a socialist one, that could bring true liberation for people around the world.

Featuring CONOR TOMÁS REED of City College

May 2
Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street
southeast corner of Houston and Lafayette

B,D,F,V to Broadway/Lafayette
6 to Bleecker Street
sponsored by the International Socialist Organization


April 27, 2009

Tues, 4/28: Special meeting of the Columbia Palestine Forum

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Come to the last spring meeting of the COLUMBIA PALESTINE FORUM
Tuesday, 4/28, 8pm, Hamilton Hall 613

Facebook RSVP here

Special Guest: Jess Chilton McConnell

Jess McConnell is a student from the University of Edinburgh (UK), who organized a successful occupation of her school, to demand that it divest from companies complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestine – and provide material support to Palestinian students and universities. In January, after Israel’s assault on Gaza began, over two dozen universities in the UK were occupied by students making similar demands. We have a lot to learn from their activism and their organizing. This meeting is part of a  larger aspiration to forge strong connections within the international student movement for Palestine.


*Are you in support of Palestinian rights?
*Appalled by Israel’s destruction of Gaza – and the ongoing siege?
*Mad that the US government provides the bombs and military aid used to kill Palestinians?
*Frustrated by the witch-hunts against professors or students who speak up for Palestine?

The Columbia Palestine Forum formed this semester with the intention of defending the academic and human rights of Palestinians. We see this as a campaign for equality and as a stand against racism. On Thursday, 3/5 we delivered a set of demands to the Columbia administration, asking our university to support academic freedom in Palestine – as well as begin taking steps to divest from companies that support or profit from the occupation. We encourage anyone who supports these basic demands to come to our last organizing meeting of the semester, Tuesday 4/28, to help plan for the summer and next semester!

You can view and register your support for our demands at:
We can be contacted at:

April 21, 2009

Wed 4/22, 2pm: Walkout against the budget cuts at City College!

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*SAVE City College of New York!*

Join students in opposing imminent budget cuts and up to $300-per-semester tuition increases at CCNY. At a time of the unraveling economic crisis when our educations should be funded more, we’re being threatened with these attacks. In response, students, faculty, and community labor have joined forces to say that cuts on anyone is a detriment to everyone. Striking
workers from Stella D’Oro, as well as students from around CUNY and other
NYC schools, will be showing support in our struggle to save an affordable
CCNY. Let’s get together for these upcoming events and show that students
and the city united can win educational rights!

*TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 12-2pm*
Morales/Shakur Center NAC rm 3/201*
Campus Teach-In to Stop the Budget Cuts:
Why You Should Walk Out on April 22nd*

–Join a discussion explaining the current potential budget cuts and tuition
hikes, the history of student struggle at CCNY, and why it must be renewed.

**Sponsored by Students for Educational Rights, International Socialist
Organization, Spoke ‘n’ Heard Poetry Club, Campus Antiwar Network, CCNY Radical Women, Students in Media



*2pm: *students and faculty walk out of classes and immediately converge
outside in (NAC) North Academic Center’s Plaza (138th and Convent Ave)
(confirmed speakers: Bill Crain of the Psychology Department and the PSC
Faculty Union, Spoke ‘n’ Heard Poetry Club Readings, two Stella D’Oro
strikers, one Transit Workers employee… students, faculty, clubs, and
departments, please speak up if you want to take the mic!)

*3pm:* everyone marches over to the CCNY Administration Building across the street to present the Walk-Out’s demands and continue the rally

*4pm*: all interested can take the 1 train together at 137th/Broadway (which
we’ll make a “protest train”) up to 237th st. to join the Stella D’Oro picket line… students and labor unite!

Please also see an article entitled “Why I’m Walking Out of Classfor more info about the history of CCNY and the call for students to walk ut on the 22nd!

April 10, 2009

Fri 4/17: Why We Need Socialist Organization, with Paul D’Amato

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Guest Speaker: Paul D’Amato
Paul D’Amato is the managing editor of the International Socialist Review and author of The Meaning of Marxism, a lively and accessible introduction to the ideas of Karl Marx and the tradition he founded.

From the workers’ occupation of the Republic Windows and Doors factory, to the rise of campus occupations by students at the New School, NYU and beyond, to the movement for same-sex marriage rights, to protests against municipal budget cuts, police brutality and racism, a new mood of struggle is growing. But the Left is coming out of a period of weakness and there is little in the way of organization that can generalize these struggles and put forward an alternative. Now, as the need for fundamental change becomes clearer every day, the need for a socialist organization is also more urgent.

Such an organization can become a place to compare lessons, not only to advance the struggle and win concessions, but to win wider layers of people to the socialist project – the fight for a world without exploitation and oppression. Come to a discussion about the need for socialist organization, and the prospects for building on in the United States today.

Friday, April 17th, 7pm
Columbia University
116th & Broadway (1 train to 116th street)
Pupin Hall, 329 * Signs will be posted directed people to Pupin Hall

RSVP at the facebook event page here.

Related Articles:
Paul D’Amato, “A party to organize our side” from
Todd Chretien, “Lenin’s Theory of the Party” from the International Socialist Review

Sponsored by the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization

April 6, 2009

Thursday, 7:30pm: this week’s International Socialist Organization meeting

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This Thursday, 4/9, we will be meeting in Hamilton at 7:30pm.
(We’ll post the room number on the front door of the building).

In a world facing a global economic disaster and dramatically rising inequality, discussion of  “Socialism” has been at the center serious conversation among activists and progressives. What are the different ideas being promoted as socialist right now and how will any significant change occur? Are we limited to mitigating the worse excesses of capitalism – or can we actually begin fighting for a society truly democratic and free of inequality?

We’re going to be discussing and debating two recent articles from this week that introduce some answers. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Socialism in a new era: Alan Maass examines a discussion about the relevance of socialism today taking place at The Nation magazine.

Working on the inside…but for which side?
Veteran activist Van Jones’ appointment by Barack Obama raises old questions about working inside the system, says Todd Chretien.

We’ll also be discussing two big upcoming events:

4/17, Friday: Paul D’Amato: Why We Need Socialist Organization (7pm, Pupin 329) D’Amato is editor of the International Socialist Review and author of The Meaning of Marxism.

6/18-6/21: Socialism 2009 conference in Chicago. (also, 7/2-7/5 in San Francisco) Check out the amazing lineup:

April 3, 2009

Courtroom solidarity: AIPAC 10 case goes to court Monday!

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AIPAC 10 case goes to court Monday!
Join us in Solidarity!

On January 30, 2009 in New York City, ten activists opposed to the U.S.-backed Israeli assault on Gaza disrupted a fundraising gala hosted by a pro-Israel lobby group, AIPAC.

Most of Gaza still lay in ruins after three weeks of bombing and ground attacks by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), made possible by US military funding and equipment. While the dead bodies were still being counted, New York state politicians and Zionists were rubbing elbows at a $1500-a-plate fundraising dinner for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), with Mayor Michael Bloomberg participating as the keynote speaker. The demonstrators chained themselves together to block the entrance to the Times Square Marriott Hotel, where the event was being held.

The ten non-violent activists were abusively forced apart by police, arrested and placed in jail overnight. Meanwhile, the real criminals inside, supporting a government that had just murdered 1400 Palestinians, went unpunished. The AIPAC 10 now face five charges: Obstruction of Governmental Administration, Resisting Arrest, Trespass and two counts of Disorderly Conduct. Their case will be heard this Monday and they encourage any and all supporters to show solidarity in the court room! While they have an excellent legal defense, we want to send a clear message to the judge that the community is watching and supports the AIPAC 10’s struggle for justice.

Monday 4/6
(our case will likely be heard by 11:30am)
New York Criminal Court
100 Centre Street
New York, NY
Nearby trains: NRQW / 6 / JMZ

Join the AIPAC 10 facebook support page by clicking here.

Since the ten were arrested in January, they have continued their Palestine solidarity activism as well as campaigning for student free speech, an end to US occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and an end to the racist repression of Arabs and Muslims in the US. Members of the AIPAC ten have helped to organize the Take Back NYU! occupation of Kimmel Hall, the campaign to Free Fahad Hashmi and the student divestment campaign at Columbia University, among others.

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