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April 6, 2009

Thursday, 7:30pm: this week’s International Socialist Organization meeting

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This Thursday, 4/9, we will be meeting in Hamilton at 7:30pm.
(We’ll post the room number on the front door of the building).

In a world facing a global economic disaster and dramatically rising inequality, discussion of  “Socialism” has been at the center serious conversation among activists and progressives. What are the different ideas being promoted as socialist right now and how will any significant change occur? Are we limited to mitigating the worse excesses of capitalism – or can we actually begin fighting for a society truly democratic and free of inequality?

We’re going to be discussing and debating two recent articles from this week that introduce some answers. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Socialism in a new era: Alan Maass examines a discussion about the relevance of socialism today taking place at The Nation magazine.

Working on the inside…but for which side?
Veteran activist Van Jones’ appointment by Barack Obama raises old questions about working inside the system, says Todd Chretien.

We’ll also be discussing two big upcoming events:

4/17, Friday: Paul D’Amato: Why We Need Socialist Organization (7pm, Pupin 329) D’Amato is editor of the International Socialist Review and author of The Meaning of Marxism.

6/18-6/21: Socialism 2009 conference in Chicago. (also, 7/2-7/5 in San Francisco) Check out the amazing lineup:


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