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April 27, 2009

Tues, 4/28: Special meeting of the Columbia Palestine Forum

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Come to the last spring meeting of the COLUMBIA PALESTINE FORUM
Tuesday, 4/28, 8pm, Hamilton Hall 613

Facebook RSVP here

Special Guest: Jess Chilton McConnell

Jess McConnell is a student from the University of Edinburgh (UK), who organized a successful occupation of her school, to demand that it divest from companies complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestine – and provide material support to Palestinian students and universities. In January, after Israel’s assault on Gaza began, over two dozen universities in the UK were occupied by students making similar demands. We have a lot to learn from their activism and their organizing. This meeting is part of a  larger aspiration to forge strong connections within the international student movement for Palestine.


*Are you in support of Palestinian rights?
*Appalled by Israel’s destruction of Gaza – and the ongoing siege?
*Mad that the US government provides the bombs and military aid used to kill Palestinians?
*Frustrated by the witch-hunts against professors or students who speak up for Palestine?

The Columbia Palestine Forum formed this semester with the intention of defending the academic and human rights of Palestinians. We see this as a campaign for equality and as a stand against racism. On Thursday, 3/5 we delivered a set of demands to the Columbia administration, asking our university to support academic freedom in Palestine – as well as begin taking steps to divest from companies that support or profit from the occupation. We encourage anyone who supports these basic demands to come to our last organizing meeting of the semester, Tuesday 4/28, to help plan for the summer and next semester!

You can view and register your support for our demands at:
We can be contacted at:


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