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July 29, 2009

Thurs 7/30: How Capitalism Works…and How it Doesn’t

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Join the International Socialist Organization for a public meeting this Thursday, July 30th:


We are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But while billions of our tax dollars have been used to bail out the same Wall Street bankers who caused the crisis in the first place, funding for schools and badly needed social services is being gutted, and millions are losing their jobs and homes. Capitalism–our current economic and political system–looks out for the profits of the few at the expense of the needs of the many. How does capitalism work (or rather, how doesn’t it work for the vast majority of people)?

Join the International Socialist Organization for a discussion of the ABCs of Marxist economics, which explain why exploitation, greed, competition, and crisis are at the heart of a system that devastates our lives. And why socialism is the only humane and viable alternative.

Thursday, July 30 @ 7pm

St. Mary’s Church, Harlem

521 W. 126th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)

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