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September 2, 2009

Northeast Socialist Conference at Columbia

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Save the date!

Every year hundreds of activists and socialists gather at the Northeast Socialist Conference to debate and discuss the struggles before us as well as an analysis of the urgent problems we face and a vision for a different future. With the free-market consensus in tatters and an open debate beginning about how best to organize our society, these discussions are more vital than ever. Plan now to join us the weekend of October 23-25.


Talks and discussions will include:

* The New Movement for LGBT Equality * The Revolt in Iran * The Politics of Food * Roots of the Economic Crisis * Guantanamo at Home * Gaza: Eyewitness to Destruction * Poor People’s Movements * The Fight for Single-Payer Healthcare * The Future Socialist Society * Social Unionism and the Future of the Labor Movement * Hubert Harrison and Black Radicalism * The Myth of a Post-Racial America * Occupation Rebranded: US Imperialism in the Obama Era * Reform and Revolution * The Radical History of the American Working-Class * What a Sustainable Society Could Look Like * Racism, Sentencing and the Prison System * The Assault on Abortion Rights * Radical Pedagogy vs Charter and Testing: The Fight for Public Education * The Russian Revolution * Sports and Politics * Lenin: Myth and Reality * Student Struggle and the Fight for Socialism * The Communist Women’s Movement in the Comintern Era * and dozens more!

Confirmed speakers include:

Anthony Arnove, Michele Bollinger, Sam Farber, Laura Flanders, Arun Gupta, Brian Jones, Fred Magdoff, Mahmood Mamdani, Manning Marable, Scott McLemee, Paul LeBlanc, Jeffrey Perry, Frances Fox Piven, John Riddell, Jennifer Roesch, Heather Rogers, Jeremy Scahill, Helen Scott, Liliana Segura, Ashley Smith, Members of the Viva Palestina Convoy to Gaza, Dave Zirin… and more! (Speakers list in formation)

Website, flyer, brochures and registration details as well as a full list of topics and speakers will be available shortly.
For more information, contact or 585.350.8862


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