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September 11, 2009

All Upcoming Barnard-Columbia ISO events!

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Organize for the National LGBT Equality March

* 9/13, Sunday, 4:30pm, Stephen Donaldson Lounge (LGBTQ Lounge) in Furnald:

First campus meeting to plan for the National LGBT Equality March taking place in Washington, DC on October 11th. Want to go to the march? Want to help get other Barnard and Columbia students to the march? Come to this organizing meeting! For more information on the march, click here.


* 9/17, Thursday, 7:30pm, Hamilton Hall, Room TBA:

“Socialism: What it is and Why We Need it” – A great introduction to socialist politics and the ISO. Facebook RSVP here.

Defend Abortion Rights

* 9/19, Saturday, 8am-Noon, Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center, South Bronx:

Be a part of our regular Saturday clinic defense and escort. If you’re interested in coming with, we can all travel together to Dr. Emily’s, email us at

BIG RALLY to Defend Abortion Rights!

* 9/26, Saturday, 8am-Noon, Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center, South Bronx:

Starting this week, and going for 40 days, hundreds of right-wing anti-choice protesters are set to descend upon Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in the Bronx, to harass and prevent women from obtaining the care they need. We’ll be out there, with activists from the around the city, to make sure Dr. Emily’s stays open and women feel safe going in.

Sherry Wolf Book Tour

* 10/1, Thursday, Time TBA, at the LGBT Center downtown:

Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism and a steering committee organizer for the National LGBT Equality March will be speaking.


* 10/11, Sunday, all day, Washington, DC:

National Equality March, the first grassroots national march for full LGBT equality in nearly 20 years. If you’re interested in going down to DC, please contact us at


* 10/23-25: Friday thru Sunday, Columbia University:

Join hundreds of other activists, socialists and radicals from all over the northeast for a huge conference with dozens of talks on everything from “Occupation Rebranded: US Imperialism in the Obama Era” to “Revolt in Iran” to ” Radical Pedagogy vs. Charter and Testing: The Fight for Public Education.” For a list of initial presentations and speakers, click here.


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