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October 6, 2009

Thursday 10/8: How Can We Achieve Women’s Liberation?

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How Can We Achieve Women’s Liberation?


The women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s made great strides forward for women’s rights. The movement fought for free access to legal abortion, challenged sexism, and developed a revolutionary analysis of where oppression comes from – and how it can be overcome.

Today, we continue the fight to defend abortion rights at Dr. Emily’s clinic in the South Bronx every Saturday morning. Restrictions have been placed on a woman’s right to choose, women continue to be objectified in the media, and women still make seventy-five cents to ever dollar a man makes.

Clearly, we still need a struggle against all forms of women’s oppression. And socialists also argue that these struggles need to be linked to the fight for a fundamentally different society altogether. Join us for a discussion of where women’s oppression comes from, and what socialists think it will take to win women’s full liberation.

628 KENT HALL (end of the hall)

Sponsored by the Barnard/Columbia branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) |


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