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October 28, 2009

Thursday: “Where We Stand” discussion at Columbia

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Have questions about socialism? How about the Russian Revolution? Maybe about Lenin? Have questions about the ISO? What are our politics? Why do have a newspaper? Thinking of joining?

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) is a membership-based organization with local branches across the country.

Our members are involved in helping to build a number of struggles: the movement to stop the war on Iraq and Afghanistan; fights against racism, police brutality, and anti-immigrant scapegoating; the struggle for women’s rights, like the right to choose abortion; opposing anti-LGBT bigotry; and standing up for workers’ rights. We are committed to rebuilding a left in this country to organize against this system of war, racism, and poverty. But our members are also involved in the fight for a radical transformation of the whole system, the fight for socialism.

If you are interested in learning more about the politics of the ISO to figure out if you agree and would like to join, please join us for this informal discussion. You can download the packet of articles here. We will base our discussion on this packet.

Thursday, October 29th, 730-9:15pm
Columbia University
628 Kent Hall

After the meeting…

Join us for Pizza & Beer at V&T’s (110th and amsterdam)! This is a great way to continue talking politics, learning more about the ISO and socialism.

Sponsored by the Barnard/Columbia branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) |


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