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November 10, 2009

Thursday 11/12: ISO organizing meeting

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The next meeting of the Barnard/Columbia Branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) will be on Thursday, November 12th in 628 KENT HALL (end of the hall) at 7:30pm.


Part I will be a strategy discussion about next steps for ongoing LGBT organizing on campus. Last month, there was the National Equality March (NEM) in Washington of 200,000 people demanding equal rights for LGBT people. But last week Maine passed it’s own Proposition 8 (called Question 1) taking away the right of same-sex couples to get married. Since Maine, 300 people mobilized twice in NYC and hundreds more mobilized in cities across the country demanding equality. Organizers of the NEM are calling on activists to seize the momentum and build grassroots LGBT rights organizations to affiliate with a new national organization called Equality Across America (EAA). We want to discuss as a branch the potential for starting a group like this on campus.

Here are some good background articles to prepare for this discussion: 1. “We’ve Just Begun to Fight” by Sherry Wolf (Author of Sexuality and Socialism, and National Organizer for NEM)

2. “What Does Maine Tell Us” by Sherry Wolf


Part II will be a discussion about stragegy and tactics for building a stronger branch of the ISO. The Columbia/Barnard branch helped to bring over 100 students from Barnard and Columbia to the NEM. We hosted the Regional Conference of the ISO called “Crisis and Resistance” attended by over 700 people with speakers such as Malalai Joya. Just think of what we could do with a bigger campus chapter ! We are not only building for the struggles today, we are also trying to build the kind of organization that can fight long-term for a radically different society–one where human needs determine how things are run, not profit.

Join us for these discussions, get involved, and ask questions!

Afterward, join us for pizza & beer at V&T’s (110th and amsterdam). This is a great way to continue talking politics, learning more about the ISO and socialism.

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