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April 19, 2010

Thurs 4/22: France 1968: Students, struggle, and revolt

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France 1968: Students, struggle, and revolt

Thursday, April 22nd, 730pm
Kent 405

Next month marks 42 years since the titanic struggles of May 1968 in France. What started with protests by students at a few universities set off a mass rebellion that paralyzed Paris and other cities–and the largest general strike in history to that point.

There are many crucial lessons in this history for activists, socialists and revolutionaries today: What are the roles of students and workers in social movements and revolutionary change? What does “worker’s power” actually look like? Why didn’t the mass strike and rebellion turn into a successful revolution? Join us for a presentation and discussion on these questions and more.

General Assembly of Renault workers during the general strike

Suggested background reading (not required):

The French May” by Joel Geier

The Struggle Goes On” By Tony Cliff and Ian Birchall

Prelude to Revolution: France in May 1968 by Daniel Singer

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