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June 1, 2010


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It’s with great sadness and anger that we’ve been following the events of the last 24hrs. Israeli military commandos launched a nighttime attack on humanitarian aid ships bound for Gaza. At this point, it appears that 19 unarmed civilians on the ships were killed and tens more injured. We went to yesterday’s protest in Times Square in support of the Palestinian aid activists and in protest against Israel’s actions (supported and armed by the United States). There will be another protest today outside of the Israeli consulate – join us!

For more background on what has occurred, we recommend this article by Glen Greenwald.


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Date:    Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Time:    5:00pm – 8:00pm
Location:    Israeli Consulate
Street:    42nd street & 2nd Ave

Israeli Forces Murder over Ten Human Rights Activists and Injure Scores More, New Yorkers plan street action and demand immediate freeze of aid to Israel.

On Memorial Day, as Americans mourn the loss of lives in our nation’s wars, people in the US and around the world will be mourning and rallying against the assassination of human rights activists killed by Israeli snipers with bullets paid for by US tax dollars. While reports continue to stream in so far, ten activists are reported dead with over fifty wounded by the Israeli Military takeover of the ships early Monday morning.

The killed and wounded were members of a humanitarian aid convoy bound for the Palestinian Gaza strip sailing under the name of the Free Gaza Flotilla. The Flotilla which comprises over 700 people from 40 countries was in international waters when the Israeli Military forces boarded and began shooting passengers.

Initially, the flotilla was surrounded by 14 Israeli warships as Israeli military helicopters hovered above. In a calculated military operation, Israeli soldiers then roped down onto the boats and began shooting. Live footage from one of the boats reveals the Israeli soldiers were heavily masked and carrying live ammunition which they used on the unarmed passengers. None of the passengers or activists were armed.

The Israeli government in recent days announced its intention to prevent the Humanitarian Aid Flotilla from reaching the Palestinian shores of Gaza. Tonight, Israeli officials stated that Israeli Armed Forces opened fire because the boats refused to dock in the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Flotilla organizers have pointed out that on all prior occasions when the Israelis made this demand, the Israelis seized and refused to release the aid supplies. The organizers support their position by noting that the point of their trip is the long standing Israeli siege of Gaza which prevents Palestinians in Gaza from accessing the most basic food and medical items.

Protests have already broken out around the world. Huge numbers in Ankara and Istanbul have been demonstrating all day Sunday, and after news of the Israeli military operation leaked, the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul was occupied by Turkish activists enraged at the sniper operation.

A wide coalition of activists, including Al-Awda NY, the Gaza Freedom March, and American Muslims for Palestine are calling for rallies in NY tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday . Organizers are asking people to call the State Department and your Congressional representatives to demand that all aid to Israel, military and economic, be cut off.


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