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September 29, 2010

March in DC this Saturday for Jobs, Justice and Education!

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This Thursday 9/30, at 7:30pm, we’ll be having our weekly organizing meeting. We’ll be talking about Palestine solidarity activism on campus and finalizing plans for our reading groups, since we didn’t have a chance to discuss these last week. All are invited to come! And good news – we now have a regular location. For the rest of the semester our meetings will take place in 602 or 603 Hamilton Hall. (The rooms are right next to each other).

And this Saturday, 10/2 in Washington, DC, we will join the national march for “jobs, justice, and education”  to counter the tea party offensive. We are looking to see if other Columbia/Barnard students are interested in attending as well. If you want to come too, just write us back or talk to us at Thursday’s meeting. Here are the details:


Sponsored by SEIU, NAACP, AFL-CIO and hundreds more.
Visit the official event site for more information
On Saturday, October 2, 2010, join thousands of people for the march on Washington D.C. to demand:
Jobs for all
Racial justice
Funding for quality public education
Economic justice
Healthcare for all
An end to ongoing wars
Prioritization of people’s needs, not profit!

We plan to leave from 116th St on buses provided by the United Auto Workers, the union that represents most of the clerical staff on campus.  The buses will leave around 5am and returning around 10pm the same day. There is a suggested $10 donation for a seat on the bus. If you are interested in attending the march, please contact with your name, email, and phone number in order to reserve a seat for you on the bus. More details forthcoming!
Also, we invite you to march with the Socialist Contingent at the march! Please visit this facebook page for more information on the contingent.

September 22, 2010

Thursday 9/23, 7pm: Next campus meeting!

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Greetings from the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization:

Thanks to everyone who came out to our kickoff meeting last week with Sherry Wolf. Be sure to read the latest article from Sherry today at, and follow her blog.

This week we’ll be discussing and planning some of the activism we’re involved in on campus and in the city. Everyone is invited to participate.

To get to the room tonight, enter Barnard and walk toward the entrance of the Diana Center. Instead of turning right into the Diana, turn left into Altschul. Then take a right into the room. We will start at 7pm instead of our usualy time, 7:30pm.

Here’s our agenda:

1. Palestine solidarity activism and the recent momentum of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

We’re active in Palestine solidarity at Columbia and also off campus, and we’ll be discussing what we’ve been doing and what to do next. Everyone is encouraged to read this article on what the divestment movement is all about and why it is so important to the struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Also, if anyone is interest, some of us will be going to a fundraiser tonight in Brooklyn to support an effort to sent a ship full of aid supplies from New York to Gaza, to break Israel’s siege and blockade. See the facebook event here and write us back if you’re like to come with.

2. The October 2nd March on Washington for Jobs, Justice and Peace

In less than two weeks thousands of trade unionists, civil rights activists and students will descend on Washington, DC, for a much needed march against the right-wing initiatives which have been gaining ground lately in Washington. We’d like to have as many people attend the march as possible and we’ll be discussing the plan to get there. We suggest reading this article to learn more about the importance of the march.

3. Our new readings groups on The Case for Socialism and The Communist Manifesto

In the next week, we’d like to start meetings for two reading groups on these books – both of which are excellent introductions to socialist and marxist ideas. Many people have already signed up to participate in one of the reading groups. If you need a copy of either book, you can pick it up from us at the meeting. The Case for Socialism is only $8 and the fully annotated Communist Manifesto is only $12. (Way cheaper than our books for class!)

See you Thursday!

September 15, 2010

Thurs 9/16 at Barnard: Why You Should be a Socialist, w/Sherry Wolf

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Tomorrow (Thursday) is our big kick-off meeting, with Sherry Wolf giving a presentation on socialism – and why being a socialist matters today. Come ask questions, discuss with other students and hear more about the activism we’ll be doing this fall. See you there!

Why You Should be a Socialist
w/author and activist Sherry Wolf

we welcome muslims here.jpg
[Socialists marching against Islamophobia in New York this past weekend!]

Thursday 9/16 * 7:30pm
Barnard * Diana Center, room 203

From the BP oil spill, to continued wars & occupation in the Middle East, to bailouts for the banks but not for everyone else, the need for fundamental change has never been more urgent. Meanwhile, right-wing groups like the Tea Party are promoting virulent anti-immigrant racism and Islamophobia. Millions who organized for the Democrats in the last election are beginning to realize that, as Obama said during his campaign, “YOU are the change you’ve been waiting for.” Come to a discussion about the need to radically transform the system – and why you should be a part of organizing for that change.

Sherry Wolf speaks frequently across the country on the struggle for LGBT liberation as well as a wide range of social and economic justice issues. She is the author of Sexuality and Socialism and has written for publications including the Nation, MRZine, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, and Socialist Worker. Check out her blog, Sherry Talks Back.

Sponsored by the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization

September 14, 2010

Barnard-Columbia Socialists (and many others) rally against Islamophobia in New York!

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Welcome back to campus everyone!

The Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization has already been busy. This past weekend, along with our allies in Students for Justice in Palestine, a number of us went downtown for a rally against Islamophobia. The rally was called as a counter-demonstration, because the Tea Party had called a protest against the building of Park 51, a planned downtown Muslim community center and prayer space. The right-wingers went so far as to invite the Dutch fascist Geert Wilders to speak. All in all, their rally was a disgusting display of anti-Muslim hatred. But we made sure to let them know that their racism was unwelcome in New York.  Close to 5,000 people (according to NY1), came out to reject the Tea Party and said  ‘Muslims are Welcome Here!’ Read more about the protests here.

Here are some pictures of the ISO’s contingent. If you want to get involved in organizing against Islamophobia, come to our kick off meeting at Barnard on Thursday 9/16 at 7:30. More details in the next post!

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