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September 15, 2010

Thurs 9/16 at Barnard: Why You Should be a Socialist, w/Sherry Wolf

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Tomorrow (Thursday) is our big kick-off meeting, with Sherry Wolf giving a presentation on socialism – and why being a socialist matters today. Come ask questions, discuss with other students and hear more about the activism we’ll be doing this fall. See you there!

Why You Should be a Socialist
w/author and activist Sherry Wolf

we welcome muslims here.jpg
[Socialists marching against Islamophobia in New York this past weekend!]

Thursday 9/16 * 7:30pm
Barnard * Diana Center, room 203

From the BP oil spill, to continued wars & occupation in the Middle East, to bailouts for the banks but not for everyone else, the need for fundamental change has never been more urgent. Meanwhile, right-wing groups like the Tea Party are promoting virulent anti-immigrant racism and Islamophobia. Millions who organized for the Democrats in the last election are beginning to realize that, as Obama said during his campaign, “YOU are the change you’ve been waiting for.” Come to a discussion about the need to radically transform the system – and why you should be a part of organizing for that change.

Sherry Wolf speaks frequently across the country on the struggle for LGBT liberation as well as a wide range of social and economic justice issues. She is the author of Sexuality and Socialism and has written for publications including the Nation, MRZine, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, and Socialist Worker. Check out her blog, Sherry Talks Back.

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