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October 3, 2010

Thurs 10/7, 7:30pm: ISO meeting Marxist economics

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First off, we had a great experience this weekend in Washington, DC at the Rally for Jobs, Justice and Education, organized by the NAACP and a number of major unions. Over 200,000 came to refute the Tea Party logic of scapegoating and racism – and to push for jobs programs and funding for education. We marched with a broad socialist contingent with a few hundred others, with such great chants as “Obama isn’t a socialist! We are! We are!” In the morning, look for a report at In the meantime, you can read our take on the march and why we went here.

This week we’ll be meeting on Thursday 10/7 at 7:30pm again in Hamilton 602 (our new usual place).

We’ll be reading a short, classic work by Marx summarizing his understanding of where value, prices and profits come from under capitalism. Conveniently, the text is called “Value, Price and Profit.” You might be thinking, “yikes, economics is so abstract it makes my eyes gloss over” – but this isn’t the same stuff you’ve been subjected to in class. Marx actually broke down capitalism in an easy to understand way and explained how a small number of bosses make money through the exploitation of workers. Understanding this dynamic is central to the socialist critique of capitalism even today and it will help you convince yourself, or your friends, of why we need a different kind of economic system. So, read as much as you can (it’s only about 50 pages in print) and join in the conversation on Thursday.

It’s all online:

Lastly, we’re deeply saddened by the rise in suicides due to homophobic bullying – which last week included a Rutgers student and a 13 year old young man. This is something we can’t tolerate and we’re in solidarity with all the students who took part in the vigil tonight at NYU.

You can read LGBTQ author and activist Sherry Wolf’s writing on Tyler Clementi’s suicide here. She spoke at our kickoff meeting.

See you Thursday.


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