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October 28, 2010

SATURDAY 10/30: Conference on the Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

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Hello from the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization:

This is SATURDAY 10/30 the ISO is hosting a NYC-wide, one-day conference on the revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx. What do Marx’s ideas tell us about the world today? Are they still relevant? Can they help us understand the current economic crisis? Do they still offer the potential to organize society on the basis of human need instead of profit and inequality?

The conference is at NYU, so meet up with other Columbia students at 9:30am at the 116th and broadway gates to take the train downtown.

For our ISO meeting tonight, we’re going to put up fliers around campus and call people who said they were interested in the conference.  Come tonight at 7:30pm in Hamilton, room 602 to learn more about the conference and talk socialist politics.

Here’s the info for the conference:

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Join us for a day of discussion: 

(Washington Sq. So. & LaGuardia Pl.)

***You can now register online at***

Wall Street was bailed out (with taxpayer money) after crashing the world economy and is now enjoying record profits while workers are facing continued austerity.

BP was put in charge of cleaning up the Gulf after creating one of the world’s most devastating environmental catastrophes. California public schools then contracted the company to develop environmental curriculum.

The same Democratic Party that came to power only two years ago on a tidal wave of “hope for change” has allowed Tea Party bigotry to set the terms of political discussion.

At this time, when massive numbers of people are rejecting corporate dominance and questioning the priorities of capitalism, the revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx are more relevant than ever. Marxism not only explains why capitalism doesn’t work, but also provides a revolutionary guide to action for those that want to fight for an alternative.


TRACK I: Marx’s Theory of Working Class Revolution
10:30am – 11am

11am – 12:30pm
The “Universal Class”: Marxism and the Working-Class with Sam Farber

1:30pm – 3pm
The Working Class Today: Is Class Still Relevant with Geoff Bailey

3:30pm – 5pm
Can the Working-Class Unite? with Jen Roesch

TRACK II: Marxist Economics
10:30am – 11am

11am – 12:30pm
Marx’s Theory of Value with Hadas Thier

1:30pm – 3pm
Marx’s Theory of Crisis with Joel Geier

3:30pm – 5pm
Dynamics of Modern Capitalism with Lee Sustar

Sponsored by the NYU Socialist Club and the NYC International Socialist
Organization. For more info: and and
Facebook at

$5 – $10 suggested donation. Free childcare available if reserved before October 23.  Please reserve childcare by emailing


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