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November 2, 2010

Thurs 11/4: Making sense of the 2010 elections

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Weekly ISO meeting at Columbia: Thursday, 11/4, 7:30pm in Hamilton Hall, room 602.

We’ll be having a discussion about the 2010 elections.
Come hear the socialist take on what the heck happened.

The election season that ends today has been far from encouraging for progressives and radicals. In some states, right-wing Tea Party leaders are in the running with disturbingly high poll numbers. In others, the Democrats have even abandoned their own candidates in order to support former Republicans instead. And lately, President Obama has taken to arrogantly castigating his own supporters for daring to be frustrated with the abysmal track records of the Democratic super-majority in congress over the past two years. After letting down their electoral base on almost every issue, and responding to the ongoing economic collapse only with bank bailouts and budget cuts, the Democrats are surely in for some losses today.

What does this election mean for US politics? Has the country lurched hopelessly toward the right? Did people shift to voting for the Republicans, or did they just decide to stay home rather than cast a vote for uninspiring candidates? If the Democrats have squarely committed to maintaining the status quo over the past two years, what can we do to get the kind of changes many hoped for under Obama? Most mainstream coverage of the election tonight will likely portray any Republican gains as clear sign of support for the right-wing among the US population. But as socialists, we think that this is far too simplistic an understanding of the very turbulent changes in US politics taking place right now. Come hear our take on the elections, raise questions (or debate us), and help us figure out what we’re doing to push politics to the left after the election.

Here are some recent articles from Socialist Worker to consider for the discussion on Thursday:

Not much of a choice
Every Election Day, voters in the U.S. face an incredibly narrow choice, limited to the two mainstream parties. Elizabeth Schulte argues that it’s time for an alternative.
November 2, 2010

The myths they’ll spin about Election 2010
Comment: Lance Selfa and Alan Maass
November 1, 2010

The change we didn’t get
Lee Sustar analyzes Barack Obama’s record after nearly two years in office–and explains why he failed to meet the expectations of his supporters.
October 4, 2010

See you Thursday!


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