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November 19, 2010

Tomorrow, Sat 11/20: The Rise of the Right and What We Can Do to Stop it

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Hello from the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization:

A reminder that we’re meeting up at 6:10pm at the 116th & Broadway gates tomorrow (Saturday) to take the train down to the LGBT center for a NYC-wide meeting on challenging the rise of the right wing in US politics. Don’t miss it:


What We Can Do to Stop It

Protests have been rising in the face of austerity measures on working-class livelihoods, environmental degradation, right-wing bigotry and hate crimes. Yet the so-called “party of the people”, the Democrats, continues to align its principles with corporate dollars and backs down when Glenn Beck and the right speak up to bash immigrants, LGBT, and Muslim people.

What gave rise to the Right was a demoralization amongst people with the Democratic party and electoral politics. Working people are looking for an actual vehicle for change alongside those in struggle ghting in solidarity for justice, equality, and democracy. What we need is a working-class alternative with its own set of demands. is meeting is about figuring out just how to do that.

Featuring Sherry Wolf!! Sherry was a national organizer of the National Equality March in 2009. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Sexuality and Socialism”, and currently blogs at SHERRYTALKSBACK.

Saturday, November 20, 7pm
LGBT Center, Room 101
West 13th off of 7th Ave
West Village, Manhattan

Be sure to confirm on our facebook page and invite your friends!

***For more information:; or call: 646-452-8662***

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