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January 25, 2011

Calendar of upcoming Barnard-Columbia ISO events!

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We’ve come up with quite a busy organizing calendar for the first half of the semester. Below you’ll find a list of major events that we have planned for the next couple weeks – and if they look good to you please come get involved and help us organize even more.

With the exception of this week, our regular meetings will take place every THURSDAY at 7:30pm in Hamilton Hall, room 603.

This Thursday, we are hosting a special event about Jewish and Muslim solidarity with the Palestinian struggle at Barnard. Details will follow this email.

TH 1/27 : ‘Never Again for Anyone’ tour stop at Barnard. Come hear Auschwitz survivor
Hajo Meyer and Palestinian-American professor Hatem Bazian speak about the Jewish and Muslim solidarity with the people of Palestine. The ISO is hosting this event! 7:30pm, Barnard Hall 304.

FRI 1/28: Friday night informal discussion: The revolt in Tunisia. 7pm, Puck Building at NYU. One of our Columbia members will be kicking off this discussion of the inspiring events in North Africa. Here is the facebook event page.

SAT 1/29: Socialist Worker article discussion series: Palestine. Afternoon time TBA, Brad’s Cafe on campus. At Columbia, we’re part of organizing with Students for Justice in Palestine – and this week we’ll be discussing some of the history and politics around the Palestinian struggle. Come join in – all are welcome.

SA 2/5 : ‘A Profound Hatred of Democracy’: What Wikileaks Exposes about the US Empire. 6:30pm, Barnard Hall 304. We have speakers lined up to talk about what the Wikileaks cables reveal about the US government’s actions in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine – and about repression here in the US. Here is the facebook event page.

TH 2/10 : ‘A Radical History of Columbia.’ Come to a public meeting we are hosting on the rich legacy of activism, organizing and occupations that have taken place at Columbia – or in response to the university’s behavior in the city. 7:30pm, Hamilton Hall 603.

TH 2/24 : ‘Marx in Soho’ – fundraiser performance for the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. Don’t miss original performer Brian Jones in Howard Zinn’s political sharp and humorous play about Karl Marx brought back to present-day New York. Stay tuned for details!

More generally, we’re active in Palestine solidarity organzing on campus, and are interested in organizing to keep ROTC off of campus. There are many other movements we’ve been involved in during past semesters – from abortion clinic defense to restaurant workers organizing campaigns. Come join us if you’d like to help open up new opportunities for activism on and off campus…

See you Thursday!


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