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January 28, 2011

Revolt across North Africa and the Middle East: Discussions and Solidarity Events this week!

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Starting with the popular uprising against the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali, a wave of rebellion has swept across a number of predominantly Arab countries. Tens of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets and clashed with security forces in a fight against the Mubarak dictatorship. US client states are on the defensive and the cracks in US empire are being revealed.  Join the NYC International Socialist Organization at several important events this week to analyze recent events and to stand in solidarity with the struggle for democracy.

On Friday, January 28th we will be hosting an informal discussion on the revolt in the Arab world with Matt Swagler and Mostafa Omar.

On Saturday, January 29th we will be taking part in a critical solidarity demonstration at the United Nations.  We will be demanding that the US end its support for the Mubarak dictatorship.

Later on Saturday we will also have an informal discussion at Brad’s cafe on campus about the basics of what is happening in Palestine.

On Saturday, February 5th we have organized a teach-in on the Wikileaks, and now the Palestine Papers, that will put the inspiring events of recent weeks in the broader context of the cracks in US empire.

Full details for each event are posted below.  Please spread the word.  For more info, you can check out the NYC ISO website at, email



Revolt in the Arab World:

what happened, where could it lead?

Friday, Jan. 28 | 7-9pm | Puck Building (295 Lafayette), 4th Floor

As rebellion has spread from Tunisia to Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa, understanding these events is critical for the Left here in the U.S. Please bring questions and comments to an exciting discussion this Friday.

Discussion will be kicked off by presentations from:

Matt Swagler, PhD candidate in African History at Columbia, contributing author on Africa to, member of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Mostafa Omar, Egyptian-American activist and contributing author in “The Struggle for Palestine.”

Please RSVP on Facebook! To learn more in advance of the discussion, check out the articles and videos below.


A revolution unfolds in TunisiaMatt Swagler looks at the dynamics of the mass movement inTunisia that toppled a dictator–and what could come next there and in surrounding countries.

Tunisia and the global crisisCanadian socialist David McNally, author of Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance, sets the revolution in Tunisia in the context of a global economic crisis–and the growing resistance to it around the globe.

Egypt reaches the boiling point: International Socialist Review editor Ahmed Shawki, recently returned from Cairo, and Egyptian-American activist Mostafa Omar spoke to Lee Sustar about the significance of the protests, and the social and political forces that gave rise to them.

Mubarek Faces Historic ChallengeAn article providing a sense of the breadth of protests in Egypt, as well as the role of women protesters.


Capturing Tunisia protests on video

Tunisia police joint anti-government protests

Protests in Egypt

Day of Anger in Egypt


Stand In Solidarity with the Struggle for Democracy in Egypt

Saturday, January 29th


United Nations
47th Street and 1st Avenue

Inspired by the successful ouster of the tyrant of Tunisia and the continued mobilizations in that country for justice, the masses in Egypt have engaged in huge rallies for two days straight, fighting off vicious police attacks and mass arrests. They have shown they will not give up – even in the face of guns, tear gas and other weapons supplied and paid for by the United States.A free Egypt is key to justice throughout the Arab world.  Come stand in solidarity with the brave people of Egypt.  Tell the US government to end its support for the Mubarak dictatorship.

*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Saturday, 5pm, Brad’s Cafe – join the Barnard-Columbia Branch for an informal discussion about the events of the last two years in Palestine. Here are some starting places for background:

The attack on Gaza in 2008
The convoy/flotilla movement and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions:


Wikileaks, the Palestine Papers and the Revolt in the Arab World:
The Cracks in US Empire

Saturday, February 5
6:30pm – 9:30pm
304 Barnard Hall
Barnard College
117th and Broadway

Morningside Heights, Manhattan

*US Imperialism in the Middle East * The Secret War in Pakistan * The Occupation of Afghanistan * The Rise of the US Security State * The US Government’s War on Democracy * The Rise of Resistance in the Arab World

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization
contact: | 646.421.2035

Also endorsed by Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, NYU Students for Justice in Palestine, NY-Al Awda: The Palestine Right of Return Coalition and Haymarket Books


*MICHAEL SCHWARTZ on US Imperialism in the Middle East
(Author of “War Without End” and Professor of Sociology at SUNY Stonybrook)

*ARUN GUPTA on the US Government’s Profound Hatred of Democracy and the War on Dissent
(Founding Editor of The Indypendent)

*ADANER USMANI on the Secret War in Pakistan
(Student Activist based in NYC. Works with the Action for a Progressive Pakistan and Labour Party (LPP))

*ANAND GOPAL on the Occupation of Afghanistan
(Has reported on Afghanistan for the Christian Science Monitor and the Wall Street Journal)

*LAMIS DEEK on Israel’s War Plans
(Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right of Return Coalition)

*MOSTAFA OMAR on The Revolt in the Arab World
(Egyptian-American Activist and member of the International Socialist Organization)


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