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September 14, 2011

Thursday 9/15: Kickoff meeting for Fall 2011 – Global Crisis meets Global Resistance

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Global Crisis meets Global Resistance:

Why You Should Be a Socialist

With Jen Roesch, Editorial Board Member of the International Socialist Review
Thursday, September 15, 2011
Hamilton Hall, Room 517
We can no longer sit and wait for politicians and corporations to fix the environmental, economic, and social disasters they themselves have created. The endless quest for wealth is what is ruining the economy; their endless drive for power is what keeps us at war. Neither party has a plan to solve these probems, because the problem is global and systemic. Every country in the world is another Egypt, England and Chile waiting to happen.We are socialists. We believe in fighting for a world where education is free. Where people have access to health care and sociali security. Where it shouldn’t take decades before LGBT people have equal rights. Where racism does not exist. Where women have control over their own bodies. Where we all have control over our lives – where ordinary people make the decisions about the issues that effect them.

We are socialists. You should be too! Join us for a discussion about getting involved with the ISO this semester.

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To get a better idea of our politics and what we do – check out socialist worker

And we’re back for Fall 2011

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Greetings from the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization.

This blog is back!

Sometime last February, we stopped updating this events blog because, honestly, the world was too damn exciting a place to be living in. Between the strike and occupation of the state house in Madison, Wisconsin, to the revolutionary wave of uprisings that are still bringing regimes to their knees across North Africa and the Middle East, to protests on Wall St., to a re-emergent women’s rights movement, and trying to keep ROTC off of Columbia’s campus, we became so busy that we forgot to keep this blog updated. But we’re back and we’re ready for a new year of activism and radical education at Columbia, so please check back often, whether you’re a first year or a post-doc and get involved whenever you like – or rather, as soon as you can.

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